So good news!  I actually woke up and brushed my teeth and put on clothes and am not on the couch, so the healing process is progressing nicely!

I posted my fic last night, and so far it seems to be going over…okay ;w; I got some comments already, one of which was…I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a BAD comment, but the person who wrote it seemed underwhelmed with the narrative choices I made, which is totally fine!  I can see lots of room for improvement in just about everything I write.  I mean, I can’t exactly go back and rewrite it now, I’ve got too many other writing projects to deal with, but yeah part of me wishes I could redo some things.  But I guess it’s just a learning experience.  It’s a really big fandom and a really popular ship with lots of fic that is way way WAY better than my skill level, so yeah not everybody is going to like it.

I’m not even really sure why I’m writing this, I am just disappointed in myself I guess that I didn’t do better when I spent so much time and energy trying to make it perfect.  Oh well!  Next time I will do better =)  They can’t all be good.

Stuff I Wrote: “Covenant” (Thor/Loki) 

Hey look what I did, I wrote another fic!  And it just so happens to be my second longest fic right after Primary Colors…whoops.  Happens.  Snazzy was AWESOME being my beta reader and my sempai for this <333

Since I didn’t mean to have it be this long, I’m doing what I never do and posting the entire thing at once split into chapters.  There’s 13 chapters, but it ended up being around like…almost 73k so there’s that.

This is thorkizilla's LONG overdue birthday fic, so I very much hope she enjoys!  So yes…it is late and the pain meds have kind of stopped working so it's bedtime…please enjoy, you guys!



so i was scrollin along on the internet, minding my own business when


okay wtf they can’t be serious


they’re serious









tumblr you can keep your glorified nostalgia about the wild thornberries and tony hawk’s pro skater and getting to hold the flea-ridden stuffed lion during the d.a.r.e program and what have you because THIS right here.  now THIS was the essence of the 90s


oh man it took me literally 2 seconds of this video to remember exactly how the rest of it went

I hated this commercial. Turns out I still hate it.


I CAN’T FUCKING STOP LAUGHING its as awful as i remembered it

i cant quite explain this commercial and how it came back to me like

i couldnt remember the exact words by heart but. everything they said chimed in my head like a song i’d heard a long time ago. it was almost rhythmic, buried deep in my memory. it was probably the most bizarre way ive ever remembered something.

Oh my actual god how many times did I see this commercial as a kid.  I remembered all of it.  This is the bizarrest form of nostalgia.  It’s a fucking AC commercial.

No context will be provided 


So my percoset ran out this morning, and since it’s Saturday and Labor Day weekend we can’t get ahold of the dentist to get another prescription.  Mom took me to an urgent care center to see if they would prescribe me some more pain pills since the pain isn’t getting better and I CANNOT make it to Tuesday with no pain meds.

The doctor we got was the rudest lady of all fucking time.  She walked in and immediately said “I’m not giving you more percoset I just want to let you know that” and then basically spent the whole time ignoring Mom’s questions and talking over her and being condescending like “It’s gonna hurt, pain is normal, blah blah blah” and now I feel like shit because my dad is mad that we can’t get more meds, Mom is not happy with the mean doctor, and meanwhile I’m here feeling like shit and upset that I’m causing my parents so much stress

I just want to curl up and cry, I can’t stand when my parents are stressed out over me and there’s nothing I can do to help =(


Finding people attractive when you’re asexual is like, “I don’t know what I want to do with you exactly, but I wanna do a lot of it.”